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Tricycle operators opposes taxicle operations in Legazpi City

Aga D. Eduarte

Legazpi City, [09.14.14] - The federation of tricycle drivers and operators are strongly opposing to the proposed taxicle operation in downtown Legazpi City that is being pushed by City Councilor Rolly Rosal, members of Legazpi-Albay Tricycle Operators and Drivers Association [LEGALTRODA] told The Sorsogon Examiner.

The seven hundred [700] strong members of the association have signed and submitted a petition in a protest to the Sangguniang Panlugsod  to the move of Councilor Rosal as “oppressive” piece of local legislation against the marginalized tricycle drivers and operators.

The plan to allow the operations of “taxicle” will just provide an additional burden to the livelihoods of our members of LEGALTRODA, to include the jeepney drivers that is why, in anticipation, the petition was  signed and was submitted to the Sangguniang Panglungsod secretariat last September 5, 2014, Dante Marigondon said in an interview.

The signed petition represents the clamor of the sector to oppose the  oppresive planned operation of taxicle, Dante Marigondon explained

According to Marigondon, Rosal has just fabricated his justifications when he proposed the taxicle ordinance. We don’t believe that the  opening of taxicle route will help the easy transport of  farm to market produce  because the targeted route is from Enmbarcadero, Legazpi Boulevard, Barangay Rizal, Pacific Mall, LCC Mall and vice versa are no farm to market roads.

This point of view had exasperated the sector and prompted them to lodge a protest against the move to push taxicle operation.

Besides, there is no Route Measured Capacity survey conducted to assure  viable economic results for both the jeepney, tricycle and the taxicle. The proposed route  is already covered by the jeepney and major tricycle terminals and will just eventually affect  the  transport sector because the already crowded  sector will be again suffer the brunt of cut-throat competition between the tricycle, jeepney and the taxicle, Marigondon ended.

The taxicle, is a modified three wheeled mode of transportation will just cause additional traffic mesh in the main thoroughfares of Legazpi City for it will  add to the existing numbers of public utilities such as  jeepney and tricycles Marigondon lamented.

Meanwhile, City Councilor Rosal  has indicated in the proposed resolution creating an ordinance for the purpose of curving the overcharging issues by some  tricycle drivers is to open a taxicle route in Legazpi City.

This point of view had exasperated the sector and prompted them to lodge a protest against the move to push taxicle operation.